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Vessel in the Form of a Royal Messenger with Ritual Runners


Vessel in the Form of a Royal Messenger with Ritual Runners



Public domain photo of a 3d object, Andes, Peru, free to use, no copyright restrictions image - Picryl description

Moche, also called Mochica, Andean civilization that flourished from the 1st to the 8th century CE on the northern coast of what is now Peru. The name is taken from the great site of Moche, in the river valley of the same name, which appears to have been the capital or chief city of the Moche peoples. Their settlements extended along the hot, arid coast of northern Peru from the Lambayeque River valley south for more than 215 miles (350 km) to the Nepeña River valley. The reasons for the demise of the Moche are unknown, but the civilization may have succumbed to earthquakes, prolonged drought, catastrophic flooding arising from the El Niño climatic anomaly, the encroachment of sand dunes on populated areas, or less-tangible social and cultural factors.



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