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The Street railway journal (1902) (14758704294)


The Street railway journal (1902) (14758704294)



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Title: The Street railway journal
Year: 1884 (1880s)
Subjects: Street-railroads Electric railroads Transportation
Publisher: New York : McGraw Pub. Co.
Contributing Library: Smithsonian Libraries
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er words, thetrain will be retarded. At the point 6 thepower is assumed tobe cut off and trainallowed to coast. Re-tardation will, ofcourse, take place, therate of which may beascertained from thechart by reference tothe train resistance speed curve in the same manner that theaccelerations were found from the net tractive speed curveat first. In the chart are shown only two-time increment lines inorder to make it as simple for presentation as possible.In practice, however, a number of these lines are used,they can generally be made for 3, 5, 10, 20 and even 40second increments. This method has been used in plotting a considerablenumber of time-speed curves and has been found to be avery efficient time saver. Recent Improvements on the Metropolitan Railway of Paris .The Metropolitan Railway of Paris, which, as will beremembered, is an underground electric road running ap-proximately east and west through the center of the city,has proved to be one of the most successful traction enter-
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MOTOR CAR ON METROPOLITAN RAILWAY, PARIS prises inaugurated during recent years in France. Theroad was put into operation in July, 1900, and importantextensions are now under construction which, when com-pleted, will bring the road into connection with nearly everyimportant traffic center in the city north of the Seine. As will be remembered from the description of the roadwhich appeared in the Street Railway Journal for Sep-





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