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Patent drawing - The Street railway journal (1902) (14574884367) Public domain  image


Patent drawing - The Street railway journal (1902) (14574884367) Public domain image



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Title: The Street railway journal
Year: 1884 (1880s)
Subjects: Street-railroads Electric railroads Transportation
Publisher: New York : McGraw Pub. Co.
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CAR BODY FOR OIL CITY Stephenson Company, Elizabeth, N. J., has adopted a design of carfor this kind of work which is illustrated in the accompanyingengravings, and which has been made the companys standardsingle-truck car. As seen from the photographs which are repro-duced, the car presents the appearance of strength, artistic designand serviceability, and on no road where this type has been oper-ated has its looks belied it. The car illustrated herewith is one of an order sent to Oil City,Pa. The view of the exterior shows the car body placed on arailroad flat car in the Stephenson yards ready for shipment. Thegeneral dimensions of these cars are as follows: Length over cor-ner posts. 20 ft.; length over dashers, 29 ft.; width at side sills, 6
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(This department is conducted by W. A. Rosenbaum, patentattorney, Room No. 1203-7 Nassau-Beekman Building, New York.) UNITED STATES PATENTS ISSUED JAN. li, 10U2 690,386. Electric Railway; F. M. Ashley, Brooklyn, N. Y.App. filed Feb. 26, 1898. The switch magnet controlling currentfrom the main to the sectional conductor, isa solenoid whose core dips at one end in mer-cury, from which it is never withdrawn, andwhich forms one terminal, while the other endis lifted by the magnet against an upper con-tact to complete the circuit. 690,387. Electric Railway; F. M. Ashley,Brooklyn, N. Y. App. filed Feb. 26, 1898. Thehare main conductor is placed in a sealed con-duit, a portion of whose wall is flexible, thatportion being pushed in by the car to makeconnection between contacts carried by theflexible wall and the conductor. 690,406. Electric Railway; G. Davis, WestKensington, England. App. filed Nov. 19,1900. A trolley running on double rails, andconsisting of a main and a supplemental con-tac





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the street railway journal 1902
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